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Driving license for non-residents

We offer a full range of services and training that will help you to obtain a driving license.

Our programs provide both theoretical and practical lessons.

Attending 8 theoretical lessons is essential and takes place once a week on Saturdays. A translator is present at all classes. During these lessons you will learn all topics included in the traffic police exams. This training takes 24 hours.

Practical exercises
We offer the following training options:

«MINI» package includes 14 lessons or 28 hours (for those who already have driving skills);

«MAXI» package includes 28 lessons or 56 hours (full course);

Training is provided from 2 to 4 times a week and the overall training period is generally 2 months.
Practical driving lessons are supplemented by the theoretical course. The schedule is based on the client's requirements.

Tuition Prices:

A wide range of driving tuition packages is available, the cost of which is outlined below.

Theoretical part includes 8 Lessons, each lesson comprises of 3 academic hours at the cost of 12,000 rubles.

Cost of Registration package is 10,000 rubles.

This package includes registration and all relevant paperwork, including the graduation certificate fee, required for taking the traffic police examination. A vehicle is provided for the examinations at no additional cost. Usually the same car model which was used during training is provided for the examination.

Cost of DRIVING PRACTICE is from 8000 rubles.

Prices of packages:

«Minimal» package includes 14 lessons (28 hours). It consists of driving practice, theoretical course and paperwork and costs 30,000 rubles.

«STANDARD» package includes 14 lessons (28 hours). It consists of driving practice, theoretical course, paperwork and administrative support (we communicate with the traffic police department on your behalf) and costs 35,000 rubles.

«Maxi» package includes 28 lessons (56 hours). It consists of afternoon driving lessons,  theoretical course, paperwork and VIP support and costs 57 000 rubles.

«MAXI +» package includes 28 lessons (56 hours). It consists of driving lessons in the evenings or on weekends, theoretical course, paperwork and VIP support and costs 74 000 rubles.

«EXCHANGE» package is an ideal variant for those who already have a driver's license and wish to get a permit for driving in Russia. Paperwork and VIP support is included and cost of package is 50 000 rubles.

The following documents are required for foreigners who wish to get a driving license in Russian Federation:

  • Passport;
  • Registration (Visa) in Russia;
  • Medical certificate.


  1. Theoretical course takes place near the Pushkinskaya / Tverskaya metro stations, at address Bronnaya street, 7.
  2. Practical classes take place near Kurskaya metro station. The Instructor will meet you at the entrance of the subway, from where you will be transferred to the training depot or immediately start the training route.
  3. The Traffic Police Department, where foreigners can take the driving test, is located on Delovaya street, No.15.


8(926)609-90-14 Svetlana
8(926)604-5306 Elena
8(916)164-0585 Dmitriy

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